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Can I burn anything?

Only well seasoned logs and approved solid fuel should be burnt.

Is it easy to get spares?

Spares are readily available for the brands of stoves we supply, and manufacturers will continue to produce spares on discontinued models. We can supply rope, glass and vermiculite bricks for other brands of stoves.

How long will a stove last?

If used correctly and well looked after, a good quality stove (i.e. the brands we sell) should last 15-30 years. Cast Iron stoves can be stripped and rebuilt, if the cement joints start to leak, whereas steel stoves can’t. We commonly rebuild 25-30 year old stoves for customers.

How often will I need to empty the ash?

If you are burning wood on your stove, and using it evenings and weekends, usually you will need to empty it once a week. Wood burns better on a bed of ash, whereas coal and smokeless fuels need to have air coming up through the grate. Coal produces more ash than wood so you will…
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Do I need to sweep my chimney?

All chimneys (including ones with liners) should be swept at least once a year to reduce build up of deposits and to check condition of your chimney. Depending on usage of the stove and quality of fuel, you may want to sweep once before the heating season and once part way through, your chimney sweep…
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