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Points to consider

  • The stove should have adequate air space around it to allow the stove to heat the room rather than heat the fireplace.
  • Any appliance will only operate as well as the chimney functions.
  • Adequate provision must be made for sweeping and maintenance of the installation to allow continued safe operation.
  • All fires require air to burn.
  • If burning wood, it should be well seasoned to make it as dry as possible. Wet wood creates poor combustion resulting in low heat output, which leads to condensation and tar problems in the stove and chimney.
  • The correct size stove running at its optimum is more efficient and burns cleaner (less emissions to the atmosphere, cleaner chimney, cleaner glass, better view of the fire) than too large a stove constantly running slowly, to prevent overheating the room. 
  • As a rule of thumb a stove has an effect of around 60 – 80%,
    a convector box around 30- 40% and an open fire about 5 – 20%.
  • An open fire will also be allowing heat from other sources, such as central heating, to escape up the chimney whether the fire is lit or not.
  • These figure assume that the appliance is run according to the manufacturers instructions and in the case of wood that it is of good quality and is properly dried.