Ever since the company was founded in Odense in 1978  Scan have focused on offering customers the best wood-burning stoves on the market, paying particular attention to design, innovation, and user-friendliness.

The aim of our site is to inform potential customers about our range of wood burning and multi fuel stoves. We understand that price is an important factor when choosing a stove and we feel that customers should be encouraged and are welcome to discuss their requirements before purchasing a stove to ensure the best guidance on the right choice of product to meet their specific needs.

Scan 66

The organic shape of Scan 66 creates a beautiful frame around the fire, and the view to the flames is maximized through the use of glass in the log retainer. Hang it on the wall or choose between different base options.

Rated Output : 5 kW

New! Scan 1010

Choose your setup on a large number of opportunities, wall hanging or placed on the floor, with different shelves and log compartments.

Rated Output : 7 kW

Scan 45 Mini

In smaller rooms the wood-burning stove should not dominate, but supplement the style and size. The Scan 45 has been designed with a slim expression, which discretely creates harmony in the home.

Rated Output : 5 kW

Scan 68 Series

Scan 68 draws its design from the iconic Scan 58 series, one of the world's bestselling stoves. The straight lines and combination of glass and aluminium represent the principal of design expression.

Rated Output : 8 kW

Scan 83 Series

The noiseless and self-closing soft-close door is only one of many unique details caracterizing the Scan 83. The curved glass door gives a perfect view of the fire, and the handle has been positioned so that it completes the simple design, while remaining cool at the same time. The Scan 83 can be supplied with a revolving base, so that you can enjoy the flames wherever you are in the room.

Rated Output : 7 kW

Scan 64 Series

Clean lines and simple design give you a piece of furniture that will suit all your existing decor regardless of style. It is a medium-sized stove with large glass door providing a perfect view of the flames.

Rated Output : 6 kW

Scan 1001 Inset

Scan 1001 is a flush insert, available with either a white glass with matt chrome trims or a black glass with black trims. Scan 1001 takes logs up to 50 cm.

Rated Output : 7 kW

Scan Anderson 4-5

Scan Andersen 4-5 is a small, but efficient wood-burning stove. It is available as a black convection model, with soap stone sides and top, or with short legs. The chrome handle can be fixed or detachable for child safety.

Rated Output : 5 kW