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What is Ecodesign and the new regulations for 2022?

The Ecodesign Ready Scheme is a new landmark in the increasing environmental benefits of wood burning stoves.. Air quality is important to all of us. Even though wood burning stoves are a relatively low source of emissions, the SIA feel it is important to reduce emissions from wood burning stoves even further. click here for…
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Do I need an ashpan?

If you are burning only wood, an ash pan is not required. Wood is better burnt on a bed of ash, and you would only shovel ash out when too much builds up. Smokeless fuel and coal produces more ash than wood and needs air to come up through the grate to burn effectively and…
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Do I need an air vent?

Fires require oxygen to burn and current regulations state that stoves over 5 kilowatt output require an air vent of 1 square inch (645.16 sq mm) per kw. Stoves under 5kw do not require an air vent, unless the property has been built since 2010, the room has more than one chimney or there is…
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Do you take old stoves in part exchange?

We can part exchange a wood or multifuel stove if it is a  brand we sell.

Do you repair stoves?

We can do minor repairs on doors if you bring them in (replace glass/rope seals and give them a good clean). We also refurbish old stoves if it is a make we sell. This involves completely stripping them down, grit blasting each part and then rebuilding the stove. Please be aware that in the winter…
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