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HeatQube: Heater Only

HeatQube: Heater Only


  • Provided with no base for you to build into your own outdoor entertaining space.
  • Ideal if you wish to compliment an existing barbecue on your patio.
  • Fuel: Wood for warmth.
  • Powerful heating performance.
  • Keeps you effortlessly warm.
  • Spring loaded door.
  • Unique, coated finish for corrosion resistance.
  • Lateral air adjustment lever for easy burn control.
  • Two part flue included.
  • Aluminium door handle.
  • Protective gloves included.


A well-maintained BBQube guarantees enduring reliability, offering a secure heat source and adaptable cooking options for an extended period. Beyond exceptional performance and environmental standards, the BBQube is backed by a 5-year Guarantee. As with all BBQube products, the collection is meticulously engineered to the highest technical standards using premium-grade materials.


Operating akin to a wood-burning stove, the heater employs a single lever to regulate airflow into the chamber, thus determining the heat output. With a glass door facilitating easy refuelling, the mesmerising glow of the flames remains consistently visible.


Each BBQube is inspected and certified to the highest quality and carries an extended 3-year warranty (upon registration) for materials and workmanship; valid for as long as the original purchaser owns the BBQube or part, and covers: 

Metal components 

Glass components 

Rope seal 

Accessories provided with BBQube

Temperature gauge