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BBQube with a 2-Wheeled Base

BBQube with a 2-Wheeled Base for easy manoeuvrability


  • 2-wheeled base for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Dual fuel: Charcoal for cooking. Wood for warmth.
  • Spring loaded lid and door.
  • Unique, coated finish for corrosion resistance.
  • Lateral air adjustment lever for easy burn control.
  • Internal baffle for direct or indirect heat when cooking.
  • Integrated heat deflector doors.
  • Two part flue included.
  • Aluminium handles.
  • Stainless steel side shelves.
  • Dual-function grill plate.
  • Digital thermometer included.
  • Protective gloves included.


A well-maintained BBQube guarantees enduring reliability, offering a secure heat source and adaptable cooking options for an extended period. Beyond exceptional performance and environmental standards, the BBQube is backed by a 5-year Guarantee. As with all BBQube products, the collection is meticulously engineered to the highest technical standards using premium-grade materials.


By adjusting a steel baffle plate within the chamber, transitioning it from an upright position to being situated in front of the glass, heat is redirected upward toward the grill. Crucially, this baffle plate also serves as a shield, safeguarding you from the elevated temperatures within. The combustion technology harnessed from our indoor wood-burning stoves has been ingeniously adapted, affording an unparalleled degree of temperature control tailor-made for barbecues.



Operating akin to a wood-burning stove, the heater employs a single lever to regulate airflow into the chamber, thus determining the heat output. With a glass door facilitating easy refuelling, the mesmerising glow of the flames remains consistently visible.


Each BBQube is inspected and certified to the highest quality and carries an extended 3-year warranty (upon registration) for materials and workmanship; valid for as long as the original purchaser owns the BBQube or part, and covers: 

Metal components 

Glass components 

Rope seal 

Accessories provided with BBQube

Temperature gauge