Note:The correct size stove running at its optimum is more efficient and burns cleaner (less emissions to the atmosphere, cleaner chimney, cleaner glass, better view of the fire) than too large a stove constantly running slowly, to prevent overheating the room.
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Charnwood Tor

Charnwood’s contemporary wood burning stove collection. Three gently curved glass panels offer a spectacular view of the fire from the front and from the sides whilst a highly advanced combustion system ensures exceptional clean burning and outstanding efficiency. Available in 2 sizes: The Tor (3-10kW) and The Tor Pico (2-7kW).

Average rated output : 12 kW

Charnwood Island 3

A classic, clean lined collection of stoves for wood and multifuel burning. The Island features double doors with high leg and store stand options. The single Quattroflow air control ensures the stove is very simple to operate and combined with its revolutionary grate the stove offers optimum, clean-burn efficiency.

Average rated output : 10 kW

Charnwood Cove 3

A collection of stoves with a soft contemporary edge. Charnwood’s Cove appliances feature one single, curved door offering a breathtaking view of the fire. The advanced combustion system ensures optimum efficiency and an exceptionally clean burn. The Cove stove is available in three sizes with a choice of five base options and convection panel options. Smoke reducing (SR) models are also available within the Cove range.

Average rated output : 12 kW

Jotul F500

This is a large wood stove in a classic design, with one of the largest styled doors available, which gives a fantastic view of the flames. Side and front door loading options allow for the wood stove to be positioned in a variety of settings.

Average rated output : 12 kW

Jotul I80

This is a large insert in a classic design with large glass doors which offer a fantastic view of the flames. By cutting down and spray painting the legs all Jøtul I 80 models are equally at home in an inglenook setting with the optinal canopy, available to suit from Jøtul (UK) Ltd.

Average rated output : 11 kW

Jotul F118

Jøtul F 118 is a timeless classic which has been upgraded by the inclusion of cleanburn technology and new details. It was designed in the late 1930's, amongst others by the famous artist Ørnulf Bast. The wood stove has a deep combustion chamber that cater to 60 cm logs and offers exceptionally long burntime. On the top it has a practical cooking plate.

Average rated output : 10 kW

Stovax Riva 76 Inset

Available as wood burning model only, the Stovax Riva™ 76 is the largest inset in our range and offers not only a truly panoramic view of the flames but also provides you with powerful heating performance.

Average rated output : 10 kW

Stovax Studio Duplex double sided

The Studio Duplex is the first double-sided inset wood burning fire to be introduced into the Studio range. Offering the ultimate in versatility, each side of the Duplex can be styled with a completely different frame option from the existing Studio range. From the clean finish of the contemporary Edge to the opulent stone Pienza, or the sparkling Glass to the bold curved Verve, you can achieve a distinctive look in each room, whilst enjoying the rolling flames from the very same fire. The Studio Duplex Bauhaus, Steel XS, Steel, Verve and Profil frames each benefit from additional colour finishes: Metallic Red, Metallic Bronze and Ivory.

Average rated output : 10 kW

Stovax Studio3 Inset

Stovax Studio inset wood burning fires are available in four sizes, each with a wide variety of frame options. From glass and steel to ceramic and stone, there will be a frame to suit your own personal taste and style.

Average rated output : 10 kW

Stovax Studio 3

The Studio Freestanding range has been designed to create a striking feature in your living space with their enticing widescreen wood burning flame visuals complemented by an extensive array of frames and styling options. The pure, simplistic form of the Studio stove range belies the high levels of engineering and technical innovation that keeps this range not only at the forefront of twenty first century fire design, but also exceptional performance and controllability.

Average rated output : 10 kW