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Vlaze Heat Shields, Inset Surrounds & Hearths

VLAZE is a range of vitreous enamel panels and work surfaces designed specifically for the home environment.

The exceptional surface finish is created by fusing powdered glass to steel at temperatures in excess of 800°C. The result is a luxurious, vibrant glaze that does not crack or discolour, is heat and chemical resistant and is available in a wide range of plain colours with pattern or light texture.

Charnwood enamels are milled in-house using natural compounds and oxides therefore batches may differ slightly in colour and finish. This is part of the unique, organic character of vitreous enamel. Onscreen colours should not be taken as an exact indication of colour.
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VLAZE is British made on the Isle of Wight and all Vlaze products come with a 10 Year Limited Product Guarantee. Please call us on 01225 891469 for prices and availability.

VLAZE wall mounted heat shields are designed to be hung behind a wood burning stove creating a focal point that not only enhances the fireplace but allows the stove to be placed close to the wall behind. When installed the shield reduces the stoves distance to a combustible material by half and in the case of Charnwood appliances down to just 100mm. The vitreous enamel panel features a dual skin that provides thermal protection and an effective convection system that distributes heat back into the room. Using a rail mounted system the heat shield is quick and easy to install and is available in 3 sizes to suit most freestanding stove models.

800 x 1200mm

800 x 1800mm

1100 x 1800mm

VLAZE fireplace insert surrounds are made to measure in one piece to fit around any insert stove preventing cracking and discolouration on the chimney breast. Vitreous enamel insert surrounds feature a slim 6mm radius edge and are insulated with fire rated fibreboard. Boasting heat resistant and anti-static properties your fireplace surround will stay looking clean and sharp.

VLAZE HEARTH PLATES create a clean, modern platform on which to stand your stove. An excellent alternative to glass or polished stone they can be used on their own or alongside our heat shields and insert surrounds for a seamless floor to wall solution.

The smooth gloss surface finish is heat resistant, easy to clean and maintain and is available in the full range of colours, overlays & designer patterns. Each hearth features a smooth radius edge and is insulated with fire rated fibreboard to take the heat and weight of the stove while still being light to handle.

The hearth plates are available in 5 sizes to suit most stoves and boast a 12mm depth conforming to UK building regulations for non constructional hearths.

1000 x 300 x 12mm

800 x 850 x 12mm

900 x 900 x 12mm

800 x 1000 x 12mm

1100 x 1200 x 16mm






Duck Egg



Off White



Crackle Overlay

Embossed Overlay

Pinstripe Overlay

Basalt Splatter

Black Splatter

Burnt Red Splatter

Indigo Splatter

Cademuir Basalt

Cademuir Coral

Cademuir Duck Egg

Cademuir Lemon

Cademuir Linen

Cademuir Meadow

Cademuir Petrol

Cademuir Sky

Cademuir Slate

Domino Basalt

Domino Petrol

Domino White

Echo Ochre

Echo Petrol

Golden Leaf

Hex Basalt

Hex Slate

Moordale - Douglas Fir

Moordale - Mustard

Moordale - Stone

Paisley Crescent - Chalkhill Blue

Paisley Crescent - Concrete

Paisley Crescent - Lido



Starlings - Midnight Blue

Starlings - White

Starlings - Powder Blue

Whitby - Denim

Whitby - Lido

Whitby Stone