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Handmade scented wax pinecone firelighters

R W Knight & Son. A Family Heating Business Since 1974! .... The fuel of the future does grow on trees!!

Firelighters made using recycled wax, egg trays, pinecones, waste wax and wick. Beacons Creative produce the firelighters
which are manufactured to a required standard to give the desired result.

The community really help with this product, taking disadvantaged people to gather the pine cones and collect old candles.

Due to the hand crafted nature of the product, the colour, pattern and decorative packaging may vary.


  • Pack of 15
  • Handmade in Wales

£7.50 per pack inc VAT

About Beacons Creative

Beacons Creative (Wales) Limited is a unique social firm producing candles and related products whilst providing employment opportunities for people with learning difficulties and those furthest from the workforce.