HWAM A/S is one of Denmark’s largest producer of architect-designed wood-burning stoves. For 40 years, HWAM has designed and produced modern, high-quality wood-burning stoves with several patented advantages – first under the name, ABC and today under the two brands, HWAM and WIKING.;

The aim of our site is to inform potential customers about our range of wood burning and multi fuel stoves. We understand that price is an important factor when choosing a stove and we feel that customers should be encouraged and are welcome to discuss their requirements before purchasing a stove to ensure the best guidance on the right choice of product to meet their specific needs.

Hwam 3630

HWAM 3630 range are elegant thanks to their simplicity. They are eco-friendly and flexible wood burning stoves and like the other models in the series, it is equipped with a ventilated handle and a locking system that makes it easy to open and shut the door.

Average rated output : 6 kW

Hwam 3110

The HWAM series combines modern design with a cosy atmosphere. The design of this elliptical stove series originates in pure Scandinavian lines and simple forms that make the HWAM 3100 series more than just stoves. They are also attractive items of furniture that will adorn and warm any home. Hung on the wall, it has a discreet expression and is particularly easy to clean.

Average rated output : 4.5 kW

Hwam 30/45

This small and very spacious insert is ideal for small rooms. Even though the insert takes up very little space, the width of its combustion chamber is an impressive 34,5 cm. The square glass pane serves as an elegant frame for the flames and the lifting door makes the insert both modern and functional.

Average rated output : 4.5 kW

Hwam 30/55

The wide glass pane elegantly and discreetly creates a frame for the flames. This insert is for the design-conscious user who wants only the best down to the smallest detail. The width of the combustion chamber provides ample space for big logs.

Average rated output : 7 kW