Do the stoves carry a warranty?

Warranty is not extended to consumable service parts. Repair or replacement of parts which are subject to normal wear and tear during the warranty period or parts that will require replacement in connection with normal maintenance. Such parts include but are not limited to glass, rope seals, firebricks, grate parts, log retainers, baffles, ash pans, thermocouples, oxypilots, ceramic fuel effects, batteries and internal linings.

Does my chimney need lining?

Your chimney may need relining depending on it’s condition, a Hetas qualified engineer will be able to advise you on this.

I have a gas stove at the moment, can I use the same liner?

No, a liner suitable for wood and multi fuel must be used.

How much space do I need around the stove?

A minimum of 300mm (500mm if there is a wooden mantel) on top and 150mm either side but the more space you have around the stove the more efficient the stove will be.

How much hearth do I need?

A minimum of 300mm from the front of the stove and 150mm either side.

Can I install the stove myself?

Yes, but you will need to apply for building regulations. click here for document J

What is airwash?

Airwash is a system that directs a flow of air down across the glass which helps to stop tar being deposited on the glass.

What is cleanburn?

Pre heated air is introduced to the firebox through a series of holes which results in jets of air entering the firebox which mixes with the gases in the stove encouraging complete combustion.

Can the glass break?

Not under normal operating use, breakages usually occur by either closing the door on a log or a build up of rust underneath the clips.

Whats the difference between cast iron and steel?

Cast iron will retain heat for longer but takes longer to heat up, cast iron stoves are more decorative than steel.

Will the stove lose its colour?

After time the paint finish will fade, all stoves can be repainted.

Do I still need to sweep my chimney?

Chimneys should be swept at least once a year.

How often will I need to empty the ash?

Usually once a week but every day if you are burning coal

How long wiil a stove last?

If used correctly and well looked after, a good quality stove should last 15 to 20 years.

Is it easy to get spares?

Spares are readily available. Most manufacturers will continue to produce spares on discontinued models.

Can I burn anything?

Only well seasoned logs and approved solid fuel should be burnt.

Why don’t you have prices on your website?

We understand that price is an important factor when choosing a stove however we feel that customers should be encouraged to discuss their requirements before purchasing a stove to ensure the best guidance on the right choice of product to meet their specific needs.

Do you deliver?

We can deliver however there is a 10% discount if you collect.

Do you repair stoves?

We can do minor repairs on doors etc and we also refurbish old stoves if it is a make we deal with. Please be aware that in the winter months we are very busy so repairs can take longer to complete.

Do you take old stoves in part exchange?

We can part exchange if it is a stove we deal in.

Do I need an air vent?

1 square inch for every killowatt over 5 is required, if your stove is under 5 then no air vent is required

Do I need an ashpan?

If you are burning only wood an ashpan is not required.