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Handmade scented wax pinecone firelighters

Hand made in Wales by a new and unique social firm for people with learning difficulties and disabilities producing luxury pine cone fire lighters from recycled wax.

Handmade blow pokers

Locally handmade blow pokers and standard pokers.

Cast iron potato bakers

What's better than a jacket potato? A crispy jacket potato cooked on top of your wood burner or multifuel stove!


Large stock and range of baskets. Wicker, Rattan, Steel & Leather


Designed to sit on top of a free standing wood stove and create their own electricity without using any household energy or batteries.

Atmosfire dry wiper

The atmosfire Dry Wiper for stove window glass, cleans quickly, without water and without scratching.

Fireside tools

Single fireside tools from pokers to chestnut roasters.

Ash caddies

A great way of safely storing hot ash and embers before disposal. Available in 5 different sizes.

Long matches & holder

Satin black long match holder including matches for use with stoves, b-b-q's, fires, etc

Canvas wood sling

For easy movement of logs from wood store to hearth.

Moisture meter

Check the moisture content of your wood with this handy, pocket size moisture meter
from Calfire. Supplied complete with wrist strap and batteries.

Heat resistant gloves

Stovax gloves for safely operating your stove. Sold as a pair, Stovax heat resistant gloves are made from 100% genuine Leather.